Bitcoin / Address / 1LLohcukDe5rAnxLY2ovraoQMJwb9eNMAJ ...

For those looking for a bitcoin debit card that can be used globally and not just in Australia...

I don't want this post to sound like an ad, but Hong Kong-based ANX is one of the lesser-known exchanges and I think most people simply aren't aware that their debit card product even exists.
I've been using the international debit card from ANX for the last couple weeks, and it has helped me transition to paying for almost EVERYTHING in bitcoin (in a roundabout way, I suppose).
It has a much higher limit than typical pre-paid debit cards. Other cards I've used in the past would have a $3,300 annual limit and could not be topped up once that limit was reached. The card can hold a balance of $50,000 (usd) and is limited to $1000 ATM withdrawal per day. Also the $50,000 limit is not annual, it can have that much at one time and can be recharged up to that point an unlimited amount of times.
The card is free to use for POS/online purchases, but unfortunately charges 1% for ATM withdrawals. I think the exchange rate they give you when recharging is also slightly less favorable than spot price (even though they claim no top-up fee). Alas, they have to make money on this product somehow, and those fees do not seem too ridiculous.
The initial cost to get the card is somewhat steep (mine was 0.37 BTC, including shipping), but it has more than made up for that in proving itself useful to me. So far I've successfully used it at ATMs, brick and mortar POS, and for purchasing online goods.
Here's a link to compare the different kinds of cards they offer:
Note: I am not employed by ANX, just a very happy customer! I've been using their platform for trading for more than a year without issue.
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Truth Behind the Dispute Between Roger Ver and OKCoin.

With some analysis, it's not hard to see the truth. Here is a deeper look at the dispute between OKCoin and Roger Ver! Let’s get past the basics quickly to the juicy bits!
Here comes the interesting bits:
Important, OKCoin (Jack Liu) received, reviewed and discussed with Roger Contract v7, specifically the termination at this date, after CZ publicly resigned. Handover process seems to be complete and smooth.
Early May
May 13 - Turning Point
Guess what, OKCoin never made good. Classic, in the same email, OKCoin (Jack Liu) swiftly went back on his own words:
Excuse 1. Rumors affects your payment on a contract?
Wow, just wow!!! Denying your own existence? Have you looked at your own website?
“OKCoin was founded in 2013 and received a US$1m Angel Investment from Ventures Lab and Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Tim Draper.
Excuse 4. Which entity did you use to pay before?
Wait!!! but you have, Jack! On Feb 23, 2015, Jack wrote: “Hi Roger, Star passed this over to me to arrange with you.”
Man up, Head of International, take responsibility!
Hello? Shouldn’t the company be investigating Jack Liu for wrongdoing instead, or Star himself?
May 14
From Jack Liu
May 14 - The King Appears
From Star Xu
Wait, CZ doesn’t work for you anymore. He resigned 3 months ago.
Wait, wait, wait! No! You told Jack! If you can’t remember, almighty King, here it is again:
On Feb 23, 2015, Jack wrote: “Hi Roger, Star passed this over to me to arrange with you…”
Please remember Feb 23, guys! After CZ resigned! You read the contract. Hello? They just seem to keep forgetting this.
Mr. King, if you have to find someone to blame. Jack is probably a much easier escape-goat than CZ. Jack probably doesn't know how to use PGP to protect himself. lol
May 15 - Fake Lawyer Appears
Interestingly, the non-English speaking lawyer signs the email not with a Chinese name, but with an English name.
People on Reddit points out the writing style of this mysterious lawyer is suspiciously similar to Star Xu’s writing style.
This mysterious lawyer has an OKCoin email address, but OKCoin has no in-house legal counsel.
A search on the Beijing government official lawyer database turned up only one lawyer with a matching name in pronunciation. This guy:
According to his firm’s page:
He is a Partner at his firm, and specializes in agriculture and land. It is highly unlikely that he is the lawyer for OKCoin, or even suitable for it.
Would any licensed lawyer agree to practice law in a language they don’t understand using Google Translate?
Now, has Star Xu or Jack Liu impersonated a lawyer? In addition to forging a document?
Well, I think we can safely assume it won't take long for Roger’s Chinese speaking lawyer to verify this.
May 15 - Let’s Re-Confirm the Lawyer, Just One More Time
From Star Xu
Great, we got that.
May 17
From Li Yajun, the OKCoin "Lawyer", a simple and powerful response!
Does this sound like a King talking?
May 17 - Star Xu, the King, Steps Back In
From Star Xu:
Now he is eager to show the world again.
No King, the only person who could possibly lie to you about the contract terms is Jack, or yourself.
Important Note: this is BEFORE Contract_v8 dispute appeared. Star is already accusing Roger and CZ of lying, and/or colluding.
No, you didn’t! That’s how we got here.
You turned down ads yourself, while maintained footer link to
Okay, enough! You turned down Safello and ANX, who are willing to be paying customers. Why? Just because they are also bitcoin exchanges?
Two emails later, still from the King.
So now, the in-house lawyer with an OKCoin email address does not know the details of the company anymore?
What??? CEO of OKCoin, have you seen your own website. “ is operated by our Singapore company…”
Damn, I can’t count how many problems there are in that one statement. Your employee setup a personal company? Just to get a bank account, for OKCoin? Sounds like an end-run on the banking regulations in SG. Is that legal? I am sure Roger’s lawyers would be happy to check on that for you.
So now you want a new contract?
Why would you need lawyers when negotiating contracts?
I think we covered both of these points before. But keep repeating that! Very soon, it will be true!
Coming of CEO of OKCoin, you should resign, right now! Which CEO in history claimed their company do not exist? It's one thing coming from Jack, but very different coming from a CEO.
So, now you don’t want to go public. Understandably yes. But, you still went public first, with your pathetic blog post.
May 20,
King Becomes the “small bitcoin guy”, When He Forges a Document? Does this make sense from a psychological point of view? Trying to be small after you commit a crime? Honestly, I am not sure. I am not an expert.
From Star Xu:
But then proceeds to make a threat a few lines later:
Now, that's a very credible threat, and very considerate of you for Roger's reputation. OKCoin did go public first! Roger’s reputation seems to be just fine.
Oh now, you finally find a different version of the contract.
New is the key word here. Because it is indeed a brand NEW version of the contract you just created. It sure is interesting, for you.
So your assistant had THE copy the whole time? And you didn't know? Nice assistant! Or did she just bring it over to you from the printer?
Now, isn’t that convenient for you? You suddenly have a way to cancel the contract now.
In the entire contract, there are no spelling errors. In the last new statement, “givin” is spelled wrong! Typed it up in too much of a hurry?
OMG, do you take all of us as idiots? No, there is an obvious third, and only reason. You forged it, Mr. King.
You really like claw backs, Mr. King? Not going to be easy to claw back this one. This is not your shady futures exchange anymore. Wake up!
May 22 - Photoshop Time
Still from Star Xu:
Collage? Colleague? Did you just finish searching for a photoshop software, and the auto-correct remembered it?
Now you want to show again? Eager to show off your new photoshop project to the world? I thought you wanted to protect Roger’s reputation?
May 23 - Hello Digital Signatures
From Roger:
Oh damn! Fk! Sh!t! You didn’t see that one coming, did you? Suddenly, your little pet Collage project doesn’t look so hot anymore, does it?
Pretending to be a CTO turns out to be harder than pretending to be a lawyer, huh? CZ PGP signs emails he sends out. Try forging that, you liar!
Same day, From Star:
Oh dear, where is CZ when I need him the most, to take the blame!
So, let me get this straight. You are saying: “Roger and CZ signs a contract in Dec. CZ then stays at the company for 3 more months, after OKCoin makes 3 payments. When CZ resigns on Feb 17th, CZ leaves a signed Contract_v8 with your assistant in physical form, while Roger emails a signed Contract_v7 in digital form to Jack Liu (and yourself) to check on Feb 23rd. Less than a week after CZ left."
You think Roger was colluding with CZ on this one to screw OKCoin. That makes total sense, doesn't it?
And for a contract that’s worth only $10k/month? For those two guys? Give me a break! I think they have better things to do.
Now you need him!
You sure did just get the 2nd version. But you got one of them, v7, at least on Feb 23. If you didn’t read that, which you certainly will say so. Check the email from Jack Liu. On May 13 “Our lawyer reviewed the contract…” “Our lawyer views this contract as null …”
Shouldn't you be asking "Jack, my new Head of International, what's the problem?"
Wait, you still owe him $40k USD in salary? WTF? And expects him to do what for you? Lie? Oh sorry, I forgot you are the KING!
Now, I am beginning to understand the differences in direction
May 23
Roger reminds Star he emailed the contract to “you [Star] and Jack back in Feb”.
Star Xu back in King mode:
Sure, Mr. King, if forging documents and faking to be lawyers are small things in your company, then I don't know what you are busy with. It certainly is strange.
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ICO Update – Jul 2 2017

ICO Update – Jul 2 2017 Here is the progress of the Initial Coin Offerings that we are following. Please go to for a full list of Ongoing ICOs.
Giga Watt ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
The Giga Watt ICO moves along ith slow contributions coming in. They have issued 12,579,633 tokens and the current rate is $1.05 per token. So, they have raised over 12 million dollars which in itself is a huge accomplishment. The ICO period is one of the longer ones we have seen and we will see how far they go with 29 days left for this Blockchain-based Mining Solution
To read more on Giga Watt click To follow the crowdsale click:
FUND YOURSELF NOW ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
Fund-Yourself-Now, a blockchain based crowdfunding platform launched its ICO on June 17th with a period of 46 days. Their hard-cap is 7.5 million FYN tokens or about 65,000 ETH which at current market prices is approximately 22 million dollars.
FYN already has a pipeline of upcoming ICOs to be launched on their platform and we will be detailing them shortly.
Here is the progress so far: Contract Overview | FundYourselfNow ETH Balance: 4,506.062166217484335852 Ether ETH USD Value: $1,314,778.82 (@ $291.78/ETH) No Of Transactions: 817 txns
To read more about the Fund Yourself Project Now click here.
Corion ICO Update – Juy 2 2017
Corion’s goal is to be a multifunctional Platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralized network, based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed and a stable means of payment. Corion launched its ICO on June 18th, 2017. There was no minimum or maximum cap set. The sale has not generated a lot of contributions in the past 24 hours. The Crowdsale has raised $1.3 million dollars so far.
To read more about Corion, click here:
To follow the Corion ICO click here:
Polybius Bank ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
Polybius Bank states that they will combine features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting security and UX requirements.
They opened their crowdsale on May 31, 2017. The terms are that each PLBT token will cost $10 and the maximum number of tokens to be sold is 20,000,000. That leaves the possibility of them raising up to $200 million dollars. They have already raised around $26,000,000 dollars as per their website.
The ICO will come to an end in a couple of day, to read an update from our friends at BitcoinChaser click here: To follow the Polybius ICO click here:
DAO Casino ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
In on-line gaming the biggest issue that all parties involved have to deal with is trust, the DAO Casino platform directly addresses this issue and removes the need for any trust from the parties involved.
Built on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by the Ethereum ERC20 token protocol, DAO Casino, through its decentralized, open-code platform is transparent and there is no way for any of the parties to take advantage of each other. This produces the first truly “fair” on-line gaming platform.
The ICO was off to a quick start and continues to raise funds. The sale has a hard cap of $25,000,000, As of the time of this publication they have raised around 13 million dollars.
To have a look at our complete profile, click here: To follow the DAO Casino crowdsale directly, go to
Upcoming Initial Coin Offerings
We have updated our list of upcoming ICOs and it is extensive. We have added links to the companies websites and whitepapers where available. For a completely comprehensive list click here:
We anticipate uploading Profiles on the following upcoming ICOs in the next few days: Populous – Invoice and Trade Finance OpenAnx – Decentralized Exchange PrimalBase – Distributed Workspace for Tech Community MyBit – Decentralized Asset Management OmiseGo – eWallet Platform
If there is an ICO that you would like to see a Profile that we have not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to provide it ASAP.
ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
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Zangado - YouTube 7/15/14 - More options for Bitcoin merchants, Butterfly ... Balance of any Bitcoin address into Excel (Macro included) YouTube Bitcoin cracker tool and segwit with balance

Check Bitcoin Address 16p74wriBH5AMxec2hNJeNsRyvgh9F6e3H for scam, abuses, forum profiles, OTC and other mentions on the internet. How to get balance of any address using rpc bitcoind? I mean getting by address the list of his unspent outputs in view something like this: TxHash;Value;Noutput. bitcoin-core bitcoind. share improve this question follow edited Sep 18 '17 at 1:03. Denis Leonov. asked Aug 17 '17 at 20:33. Denis Leonov Denis Leonov. 552 5 5 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. add a comment 2 Answers ... Balance Checker. The balance checker is exactly as the name suggests. It will show you the balance of the given address. In this example we can see that the Wikileaks wallet has a total of 1.86083662 BTC. For this reason, it is a smart idea to generate a new address for different transactions. A wallet can contain unlimited addresses, the money ... ANXPRO is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to buy crypto.Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum can be simple by using this company. Because of its popularity, we have created a guide for new users. Reminiscent of exchanges like Coinbase, ANXPRO is a polished exchange that offers users many options for trading altcoins. According to data compiled by Coin Metrics, a crypto asset market analysis firm, the number of Bitcoin addresses that hold any amount of satoshis reached a new all-time high between October and November 2019.According to the data, more than 28,393,045 addresses held some balance of bitcoin in that period, eclipsing a previously achieved all-time high of 28,384,557 accounts in January 2018.

[index] [19927] [24993] [26874] [22815] [46255] [18958] [9371] [14949] [16073] [15621]

Zangado - YouTube

Get 100% BTC Every Time You Request Transfer With - Transfer Crypto Balance without Private Key Hello Everyone Now You can... To Buy the book "BITCOIN BASICS: LOGIC AND MAGIC OF DIGITAL GOLD" click on the link :: For Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news follow our... Segwit with Balance, bitaddress with balance and Bitcoin brainwallet cracker tool Hong Kong-based exchange ANX has announced the release of the ANX Bitcoin Prepaid Debit Card, which can be reloa... Bitcoin Address Lookup. In this video, you'll learn how to do a Bitcoin address lookup, so you can help protect yourself from any...